Etruscan wares are wares that came from the Italian penninsula during Greek times. These wares show a constant influence from styles of pottery produced in Athens.

Barrel oinochoe, 8th–early 7th century b.c.; Italo-Geometric
Italian peninsula, possibly Campania or Etruria

image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Bucchero Pottery

This example shows bucherro form with the combination of black on red surface decoration.
This type of ware is known as Pontic ware.  This type of ware was produced by a potter known as the Paris painter and his followers.  This type of ware was made during the second half of the sixth century BC.  The decoration shows the imitation of a Phallos-Bird that was popular for vase decoration in Athens

Image from the Walters Museum of Art
Red-figure vases were made in Etruria from the mid-5th to the mid-3rd centuries BC in imitation of Athenian Greek ceramics.